With a large client area and stunning audio and video monitoring.
It has a 30' box with a 27' expansion side.

This Unit Operates in 1080i 59.94 HD Format.

Sony MVS6530PAC 2.5 ME
HD Multi Format Production Switcher
with 48 Inputs 10 Aux Outputs, 24 Outputs Total, 2 Channel DME Built in, 8 Frame Memories with Animation
2ch HDME 7000 External, Abekas Tria 3 Channel DDR


6 Ikegami HDK-55 1080i Portable Cameras
6 Ikegami HDK-79E 1080i Portable Cameras
4 Studio Expanders Sleds for Studio Configuration
for studio & large lenses, wired for 12 cameras


Fujinon 87 X 9.3 Studio Long Lenses
with Stablization, 
Fujinon 66 X 9.5 HD Studio Long Lenses
Fujinon 22 X 7.8 EFP Lens
Fjinon 20 X 7.8 EFP Lenses
Fujinon 13 X 4.5 Wide Angle Lenses
Canon 11 X 4.7 Wide Angle Lenses
Other Lenses available Per Show Request


Chyron 2 Channel HD Duet 


5 HDW-2000 1080i HDCAM Studio VTR's
6 AJA Rack Mount Ki-Pro Disc Recorders Wired for 14


Sony 64x64 HD Multi Format Digital Routing Switcher with 32 channels of AES Audio, 15 Router Panels available


4) Harris X50 HD Frame Synchronizers, 12) Sony Digital/Analog Upconverters, 3) Evertz SDI Quad split generators.
Sony DMX R-100 Digital audio console with 24 motorized assignable faders, 24 Mic Preamp/Line inputs 12 with 48 volt Phantom power and 24 Line inputs for a total of 48 inputs, 8 Mix Buss Outputs, 8 aux sends, 4 analog, 4 digital aux returns, 2 360 Systems Digicart II's, 8 DBX 160A Limiters, Sony 3700 DAT, Tascam DA88, wired for 3 DA88's, CD, Cassette Recorder/Player, also a variety of wired and wireless microphones available on request. A Sony SIU 100 frame allows for 16 additional Mic Pre amp with Phantom power, on inputs 25-40. This frame also allows for additional inputs, outputs and inserts to be added.

RTS ADAM Matrix Intercom System (64x64)
RTS 8 Channel IFB system with 4030 IFB boxes
RTS PL Syytem with 12 powered channels, with BP 325 boxes
Clearcom TW12B Interface to RTS For Theater Systems
RF PL and IFB Sysytems available on request.
Shore power requirements, single phase 208- 240 volts @ 150 amps per leg