Press Release: For Immediate Release May 1, 2005

Schulman Mobile Video is proud to announce the arrival of
HD 2, A new 40 foot High Definition Mobile Unit.

HD 2 has a 30 foot box with 27 feet of expansion
HD 2 is designed for entertainment shows as well as small sporting events
HD 2 incorporates some of the same features as HD 1, with larger capabilities.

HD 2 has a Sony HDVS 7250 30 input 2.5 ME HD Production switcher, 2 Channel Sony HDME 7000, 2 Frame Storers and 10 Aux Busses.

This Mobile Unit has a compliment of Ikegami HD cameras, starting with 3 HDK790 Studio Cameras, 7 HDK79 Hand held cameras, also 4 SEU79 Studio System expanders available for Studio configuration.

A variety of lens compliments are also available, Fujinon 87 X 9.3 Studio long Lenses with Stablization, Fujinon 66 X 9.3 Studio Long Lenses, Canon 65 X 9.5 Studio Long Lens, Fujinon 20 X 7.8 EFP Lenses, Canon 18 X 7.8 EFP Lenses, Fujinon 13 X 4.5 Wide Angle Lenses, Canon 11 X 4.7 Wide Angle lens

This HD Mobile Unit also has a Sony DMX-R100 48 input Digital audio console capable of 5.1 Surround Sound, 8 Master outputs, 8 Aux Buss outputs and AES Inputs & Outputs assignable.